Medical solution

The combination of smart medical device and Medical Information System can collect and monitor information quickly, efficiently and accurately, which greatly improves the level of medical management and the quality of service. Our company is committed to development products for various industries, including the medical industry, to provide partners with a wide range of customized ODM products.

H169 smart thermometer,temperature measurement & bar-code scanning. Intelligent sensing of ambient temperature,one-button temperature measurement,temperature measurement time≤1 sencond. Accurate temperature measurement in 0~40℃ /at the distance of 0~6 cm,with the precision of ±0.2℃; Built-in Heimann thermal sensor,contactless infrared temperature measurement,ensuring accurate and safe measurement. Bulit-in high-definition 8million camera,support fast and accurate scanning of city codes,health codes,etc.;Support NFC reading,quickly verify and read ID card,access card,one code pass and other information. It has Android 8.31 OS,Enterprise WiFi,2700mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery,Quad-core 1.3 GHz CPU, 2.4 inch display, 170g, 8GB ROM + 1 GB RAM, 1.5-meter drops to concrete ground, Bluetooth 4.2 LE.

H144WO medical interphone,has Quad-core 2.0 GHz CPU,8GB ROM + 1 GB RAM, 2.4 inch NT display,2 million camera video call, 1.2-meter drops to concrete ground,Grade 4 waterproof,NFC and Wireless fast charge.

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